Consent Overview


Patient privacy and data security are of the highest priority at Kabisa Medical. For that reason, any patient having their medical test data collected, stored and made accessible via Kabisa Medical, must sign an electronic Kabisa Medical Consent Form. Alternatively their legal guardian can do this on their behalf.

Patients can choose to control who has access to their data, in addition to them. Once a patient’s medical test data is in Kabisa Medical anyone at the locations a patient has consented can access the data, however doctors must confirm they have the patient’s consent to access the data as part of their treating medical team. The Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles state that patients can imply consent or they can express their consent either verbally, electronically or in writing.


Medical data may only be used for its primary purpose, i.e. if the data was generated for the provision of care to a patient, then this is the only purpose it can be used for. For the data to be used for any other purpose the patient must provide their expressed consent for this other purpose e.g. research.