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Welcome to Kabisa Medical where we aim to give you easy and efficient access to the most complete record of your medical test data. We endeavour to provide you with as much test data as we can, however we are limited by what participating test providers send us, consequently there is no guarantee this is a complete record.


If you would like to use Kabisa Medical to see your own results, please take 100 points of ID to your doctor’s appointment and ask them (or their secretary) for access to your results.


Kabisa Medical is a trading entity of Kabisa Medical Pty Ltd, an Australian owned and registered company. Kabisa Medical was setup in 2016 by Dr Ollie Waters because he was so frustrated by seeing patients who had had all the appropriate tests already done, but whose data was invisible resulting in them having further unnecessary tests, delayed treatments and consequently poorer care. In 2018 Kabisa Medical (Kabisa Medical) was selected as a Test Bed [] by the Australian Digital Health Agency (My Health Record) to test the impact of digital health. Kabisa Medical is currently being piloted in several clinical settings in Western Australia including a hospital, a large GP practice and selected specialists’ practices.

We are driven by improving patient outcomes and we would love to hear from you, good or bad, so we can continue to pursue this goal. You can email us


To request or view your results you must have provided consent to have them sent to the Kabisa Medical system. Kabisa Medical is designed so there are several ways you can provide consent:

  • You can respond to an SMS or email an electronic consent form on your smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • You can sign the electronic consent form using a mouse on any computer you are logged in to Kabisa Medical;
  • You can ask for an SMS or email an electronic consent form to be sent to your legal guardian for signing.

Consent is location specific, so if you have provided a signed consent form for a hospital, for example, then any medical practitioner in that location can access your records simply by confirming you have implied your consent to them as part of their treating medical team.

Because Kabisa Medical stores some of peoples most private of information we must have their informed consent to do that. Therefore if the patient (or their legal guardian) does not sign a consent form we will not collect or store any of their medical test data.

For more information about consent please visit our consent information page at Consent Overview.


Kabisa Medical accumulates and compares data from multiple laboratories and test providers. There are small but significant risks in comparing data from different sources including different methodologies for performing similar tests, as well as patients being misidentified. We have designed Kabisa Medical to minimise these risks so that each result is easily traceable to the provider that performed the test. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of a result we recommend you check with that specific provider before proceeding.


The pathology providers are currently the rate-limiting step for data upload as they use a semi-manual process. They take anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours to upload data following a request. We are working towards real-time data but we need to show providers there is a demand from patients before they will provide this, so please keep pressing the update results button. Also consider exercising your and your consumer rights by using the providers who deliver the data the fastest.


Kabisa Medical database is tracked and is audited. Viewing confidential information inappropriately carries significant sanctions and may lead to disciplinary action by The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner or by AHPRA. Do not give your login details to anyone else.